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10th Annual Amish Relief Auction:

We are proud to announce, our Cherry Creek market once again held the Amish Relief Auction on Saturday, May 25th to benefit the local Amish community. As usual, the sale was a great success with hundreds of donated items, including handmade quilts, furniture and various other goods sold to the highest bidder along with delicious food available for all supporters. Approximately 2,000 people attended this event. We are proud of our employees who volunteered their time for such a great cause and thank our manager and auctioneer, Lonnie Kent, for coordinating the event with the Amish leaders. Lastly, we thank the Amish community for their support and confidence in our Cherry Creek market.

More than 80 years in the business

In this undated file photo, the Empire Livestock Caledonia Market is celebrating 35 years in business.

In this undated file photo, the stockyard at the Bath Empire Livestock market is full of people and cattle.

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