Information On Machinery Auctions
Upcoming Sales Auction
When: 5/25/2017
At: 12:30 PM

Vernon  Market

 Sale every Monday at 12:30 PM - Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Horses & Hay
  1:30 PM - Calves then Beef at 3:00 PM 
Sale every Thursday at 1:15 PM - Dairy Cattle then Beef & Calves
Every second Thursday of the month is Organic Dairy Sale
Thursday, May 25th @ 12:30 PM
 Heifer Consignment Sale

Squires Acres sends 65 head mostly Holstein heifers:
25, 1 to 6 months old; 30 ready to breed – short bred; 10 bred heifers; and 1 yearling bull. All Inforce 3 as calves, Triangle 10 in January w/booster February, Inforce at sale barn.
Otsego County Dairy sends 65 head: 49 cows; 2 springing heifers;
8 started Heifers, 3 to 4 months old; and 2 bull calves.
Vet. checked and in all stages of lactations.
Plus our usual run of Dairy Cows and Service Bulls. Followed by our Beef and Calf Sales.
**Special Thursday, June 1, | Milk Cows**
Squires Acres consigns 100 milk cows mostly Holsteins; free stall/parlor trained. Fat 4.2%, Protein 3.25%, SCC 250,000 to 300.000.
30 fresh less than 60 days; 20 all stages of lactation. Triangle 10 January w/booster in February. Inforce at sale barn.
Also consigned, 2 nice service bulls ready for cows.
Otsego County Farmer consigns 82 head of Hereford cattle all stanchion broke: 40 cows; 3 service bulls;
10 feeder bulls (400 - 700 lbs.); 19 feeders (300 - 500 lbs.) and
10 heifers (600 - 1000 lbs.).
Dairy cows and heifers are Vet. checked at our sale barn.
Plus our usual run of Dairy Cows, Heifers and Service Bulls.  
Following our Dairy Sale is our Monthly Fat Cattle and Feeder Sale.
Assorted Fat Cattle and Feeders consisting of Steers and Heifers; Yearling Steers and Heifers; Bred Cows and
Freezer Beef and Service Bulls.
Water, trucking and overnight accommodations available.

Beef and Calf Sale to follow.
Open Wednesdays from 8 AM to 5 PM
to receive animals for our Thursday sales.
Monday, May 29 - Closed for Memorial Day Holiday
Tuesday, May 30 - Running our regular Monday schedule
Thursday, June 8 - Organic Dairy Day
Saturday, June 10 - Machinery Consignment Sale
Thursday, June 15 - Fat Cattle and Feeder Sale
Thursday, June 29 - Heifer Consignment Sale

Office: 1-800-257-1819 or 315-829-3105
  Manager & Auctioneer:  Tim Miller
  Cell: 315-440-9683
  Home: 607-847-6475
 Auctioneers:  Ken Hughs  315-436-2215  David Sherwood 315-436-0804

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