Empire Livestock Services

Weekly commission sales

Our six market locations each have weekly commission sales that feature a variety of livestock from local operations. If you’re buying or selling livestock, our regular sales offer everything from cull cows, calves, sheep, goats, horses, beef cattle and much more.

Feeder cattle auctions 

Many of our market locations hold feeder and calf auctions throughout the year. Beef and dairy steers in the 300 to 500-pound range are typical. These sales are scheduled and advertised well in advance, meaning they attract buyers from all over the region.

Monthly heifer sales 

Each month, our auction facilities provide an opportunity for heifer sellers and buyers to do business. These regular heifer sales are successful because we advertise them well in advance, ensuring interested buyers will be in attendance.

Direct marketing 

At Empire Livestock we work closely with local producers, as well as large regional processors. Through our direct marketing service, we can facilitate pick-up by the processor at the farm. If you’re interested in shipping a truckload of animals.

Cattle sourcing 

Because of our relationships with buyers and sellers across the region, we can help connect you with producers looking to do business. Our staff takes requests from interested buyers and finds those with the animals they are looking for. We also facilitate the sale and shipping.

Order buying services 

With the popularity of our calf and heifer auctions, buyers from across the United States want in on the action. The Empire Livestock staff can take orders from outside buyers for a variety of auctions. You tell us the price you want and our staff makes the purchase and handles the shipping.

Complete farm dispersals

If you’re retiring or exiting your business, we can bring the sale to the farm, and assist with auctioning the livestock, machinery, and even household goods.

Machinery consignment 

If you’re looking to sell a piece of machinery, we can help facilitate the sale at any of our seven facilities. Bring the machinery to our location and we’ll hold the auction right outside in our driveway.